Agreements and Fees

To give you the opportunity to know us a little better, we offer a tiered approach to our services. You’ll find us open, very approachable and informative when discussing the financial arrangements available. If you have any questions when reviewing contracted work, don’t hesitate to ask. We are especially proud of the client relationships we have formed. Their testimonials are our best advertising.

Design Agreement

Once we have discussed your goals we charge a minimal upfront fee that allows us to demonstrate the value we could add to your project. We will then, in a reasonable time frame, provide a proposed design and layout plan.

Short Plan

If after seeing our proposed design and layout plan, you are comfortable moving forward with construction, 3W design, inc. will take the agreed upon estimate and assemble a team of skilled craftsman to make your design a reality. The Short Plan requires a small, upfront retainer. Work begins and we oversee the entire construction project…until the paint has dried and the last knob has been installed.

Hourly Engagement

A few clients in the past have wanted to provide some of the project deliverables themselves. Others are just more comfortable using our expertise, as needed. For these clients we provide services at a predetermined hourly rate, with time reports delivered on a regular basis.

Note:  Many of our clients have little idea what their redesign or remodel will cost. We have found that these agreements provide a comfort factor in moving forward at a very reasonable cost.