Our Approach

“Do you have a dog? Will he have a bed in the kitchen? Are you right-handed or left-handed? Do you both go to work at the same time? Do your guests end up in the kitchen?”  “Do you have children tracking in wet shoes?

There will be many questions we will ask that you probably have not thought about or considered. That’s where our experience will help. It’s virtually impossible to think of everything. Fortunately at 3W design, inc. we have been there many times before.

Interior designers focus on good, functional design and contractors focus on good workmanship. We are the bridge between the two, making your project appear seamless.

We speak the language of design, as well as the construction language used by contractors. That eliminates miscommunication. We can also mesh schedules to minimize construction delays and material deliveries. It’s our responsibility. Not yours.

We also know the products and design strategies that give starter homes a touch of luxury as well as the details and accoutrements that make dream spaces a reality.

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