Creating Déjà vu: Renderings so real you will have already been there!

Kitchen Final

Image courtesy of PiXate Creative

It has been said there is a first and second creation of everything. First comes an idea; a picture in the mind’s eye. Then comes the physical creation; the implementation of the idea, the material building of the creation.

In truth today, there are 3 stages of creation for the built environment. The ideas and visions of the building owner or designer, first in the mind, can be rendered in 3-dimensional images that are photographic in quality, thus a second stage of creation before the third and final stage of actual building.

These rendered images are far beyond CAD drawings. What we’re talking about are stunningly detailed pictures of what an interior space will look like when finished. Additionally, aerial flyover views and virtual interior walk-throughs, room by room, are available for clients who want to see exactly where and what they’ll be living in after the builders leave.

When a client can actually see his or her new space for the first time, there’s usually no Binder Kitchen 2turning back. A high quality customized 3D rendering can capture so much future reality that an owner will be living in the space (temporarily in the mind alone) even before ground is broken or old cabinets are ripped out. For the builders, seeing and having these renderings on the job can help them know exactly what they’re supposed to build. This is a big advantage when it comes to design interpretation, especially of the finer details.

There are different levels of 3D rendering quality. Most architects and designers use software such as SketchUp Pro or Chief Architect to simulate images of whole rooms and interchange different cabinetry, paint color, flooring, wall and ceiling finishes, windowBinder treatments, etc. With simple keystrokes you can mix and match any color/style combination to get just the look you want. You’ll get to see how your new kitchen, bathroom, family room or whole house will look in crisp, clear images.

Taking 3D imaging technology to the limits, now you can even see your future new space as if someone traveled to the future and took pictures for you. Getting down to pixel by pixel detail is available for clients who request or demand it. Such photographic quality renderings require carefully planned input, expert oversight and specialized digital artists to successfully create. When well produced, these images are well worth the extra effort and investment because they give you an unmistakable vision of the future – your future in your new space.

Finished Kitchen photoIf you’re considering a home addition, a remodel or custom new construction, now you can see far beyond the drawings and floor plans. You can see your place as if it’s built. When you enter the finished new space for the first time, you may get the feeling that you’ve actually been there before.

3W design offers complete 3D rendering capabilities. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about renderings or other design and construction services. (603) 226-3399.

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One comment on “Creating Déjà vu: Renderings so real you will have already been there!

  1. 3D rendering are becoming more main stream in the remodeling business and the realistic design can help you visualize what your room would look like. I like how it can give you the reassurance that the style and wide range of selections you made is what you’ve been dreaming with the peace of mind to move forward.

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