Design Your Commercial Space to Grow Business!

We all know how important first impressions are, and when you own a business or run a company, the stakes are even higher—and potentially more valuable.


A welcoming and well-designed corporate headquarters, professional office, retail or manufacturing space is an important extension of your brand. 3W Design’s design/build services can create a commercial environment that’s distinctive, expresses your brand, is functional, and even attracts and helps retain good employees.

Your people come first!

How do want your staff or employees to function or feel at work?

work-spaceAccording to the Labor Department, the average American works 38.7 hours a week, almost 47 weeks a year. Keeping staff (and yourself) comfortable, productive and happy is only one of the reasons why it pays to create a beautiful, efficient workspace. They are your first-line ambassadors.

Clients or customers are next

Back to the first impression, what signals are you sending to your clients or prospective new customers? A distinctive building or interior space that expresses your firm’s personality speaks volumes to potential clientele and customers. It’s another way of setting yourself apart from the competition, making your business singular and memorable.

Think about how you want guests and visitors to feel when they enter your establishment. What does your property say about your company, shop or professional practice? More importantly, what do you want it to say…

  • Trustworthy?
  • Dependable?
  • Distinctive, unique?
  • Fun, friendly, welcoming?
  • Serious or studious or somber?
  • Polished & Professional?
  • Efficient, hard-working?
  • Innovative?
  • Creative?
  • Eclectic?

High tech calls for a sleek, futuristic or industrial vibe, with grays and charcoal as neutrals. Here, soaring ceilings and exposed pipes of an old building can fit right in. For a pop of color, bring in contemporary art and/or paint the ductwork. (Pantone’s color of the year—ultraviolet—would work well with the gray neutrals and contemporary flair.)

A law firm may feature glowing wood paneling, stately built-in bookcases, deep jewel tones and plush carpeting for a quiet setting. Although legal libraries are online now, nothing says professional law office like a library wall of floor-to-ceiling books. Especially if the setting is a renovated mill building (keep some exposed brick), or antique home such as a Victorian.

art-spaceIn an art gallery, a good designer can ensure the artwork takes center stage, while incorporating all the behind-the-scenes details (office, ambient and task lighting, workspace) in an unobtrusive but tasteful manner.

Funky décor focusing on fashion as part of the design is perfect for a trendy boutique; don’t forget the sound system. Because fashion is always moving forward, a shop with movable modular displays and other flexible features can keep it looking fresh in any arrangement. (And draw customers in to see what’s new.)

For a pediatrician’s office, fun, bright, colorful and child-sized is key. The challenge is making medical instruments and gear look nonthreatening. Materials for work surfaces and furnishings must stand up to frequent cleaning and disinfecting, besides being durable.

There is so much more to think about when designing a commercial space versus a residence; considerations are a lot broader. Number-one is function (including safety). For example:

  • Acoustics
  • City and state building codes for commercial buildings
  • Lighting
  • HVAC systems (not just for comfort; for dust and germ control)
  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements
  • Efficiency of work flow
  • Space for guests, clients, visitors (lobby or waiting room)
  • Employees’ comfort, ergonomically at a workstation, and overall culture
  • Warehouse or storage for product
  • Manufacturing space or laboratory
  • Loading dock, distribution center

Do try this at home!

home-office-designRemember your home office—you deserve a beautiful, functional workspace too!

3W design, inc. is an award-winning design/build firm who can plan any commercial workspace or property, efficiently and attractively. We’ll transform each area into a distinctive, branded workspace, whether you’re at home, in a mill loft, downtown shop, industrial park or a strip mall.

We can help you mind your business (keeping your brand top-of-mind) and set it apart from the competition—with flair and distinction. Feel free to call us to speak with one of our design/build experts at 603-226-3399.

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