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cool-in-summerMany people escape the steamy South for the cool mountains in the summer, but sometimes, such as this year, even Northern New England feels the heat. It’s especially tough because many Granite Staters don’t have air conditioning.

But you don’t have to sit there and sweat. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat, no matter what style home you have.

Inside Job

When it comes to energy savings and comfort no matter what the temperature, having enough and the proper grade of insulation is very important. It’s also a relatively easy fix. (While you’re in the attic, consider an attic fan to draw heat up and out of the house.)

Our Biggest Fan

Ceiling or paddle fans are a Southern staple, but they are an efficient way to help cool a room and can even help distribute heat in the winter. Today there are styles to suit any décor or era of home. A gently whirring fan can make the room temperature feel as much as 5 degrees cooler than it actually is, according to Green Building Advisor.

Keeping air moving is key to feeling cooler. Ceiling fans that rotate “forward” or counterclockwise circulate hot air upward and create a breeze. (In the winter, reverse direction at a low speed to move heated air back down to keep you warm.) But you’ll need a fan that reverses. Some new fans even have wireless controls including apps for your phone.

Look out!

mountain-lake-view…Especially when you have a mountain or lake view. When it comes to windows, the bigger the better. Southwest-style haciendas that feature smaller windows to prevent heat from baking your house are no good for views. But you can savor your Western sunset without breaking a sweat with a few simple strategies that follow.

First, when building or remodeling and replacing windows, be savvy. Besides choosing the right insulation value, consider UV-blocking glass. Windows that block the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays not only keep your AC from running all day, but prevent fading of furniture, rugs or carpet.

Not getting new windows? There are effective window films that install easily and function in much the same way. Plus, once installed, you’ll forget they’re there. Some films add security or privacy too. One manufacturer says the film can block 99% of UV rays, and can reduce heat by 78%.

Made for the Shade

Shades and blinds—maybe with liners—are another option. That way you can see through the blinds or shades when you wish but block out the sunlight (or cold) as desired. Plantation shutters can be a dramatic addition to large vertical windows.

Speaking of light, compact fluorescent light bulbs put out about 70% less heat than incandescent bulbs. Don’t worry–the light is no longer the sterile blue flicker you think of when you hear fluorescent.

There are many exterior options to tame the sun’s rays, from awnings, pergolas, external blinds (big in Europe—they reflect heat before it enters window glass), to light-colored roofing. Sturdy shade trees (think elms, sycamores and oaks) on the southwest side of your home are a sound investment.

poolsideA water feature can be cooling if only psychologically. Center a fountain within a tile, brick or pavered courtyard for a Mediterranean vibe.

When building your home or putting on an addition, cross-ventilation is key. Situate bedrooms on corners whenever possible so there are a couple of windows to catch a breeze and cool the room at night.

The roof can be designed in a lighter color to reflect heat, with an overhang or eave to shade windows and entrances. (But make sure it has a good pitch; snow lasts longer on light versus dark-colored roofing materials.) Overhangs have the added plus of enabling you to leave the windows open even when a cooling rain squall blows through.

Then there are passive solar basics:

  • Close West-facing window treatments and shades or blinds in the afternoon
  • Take up rugs from hardwood or laminate floors to make it feel cooler
  • Close windows in the morning to keep the house cool during the day
  • Open them at night when it’s cooler.

When contemplating new construction or a remodel, the design-build professionals at 3W design have the know-how you need to do everything right. If heat and high energy bills get you down, there’s no need to lose your cool. Just give us a call and soon you can be chilling out in comfort, all summer long!

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