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A kitchen remodeling project can be fun, especially when you work with experienced design/builders. But it’s also daunting: so many details! Before you get to the fun part such as style and décor and choosing new appliances, consider function first.

Of course, the function will be a beautiful, well-planned, efficient place to cook. But what else do you require from a kitchen space? Since remodels are costly investments meant to last from a couple of decades or until you move to another home, you want to make the most of this opportunity.

Try this exercise: take out your favorite note-taking device and try to make a list of everything that happened in your kitchen in the last 24 hours. That list is likely to be pretty long. Now put a check mark next to the functions your kitchen currently serves pretty well, and a minus sign next to the functions it struggles to support. The negative functions are the ones you’ll want to address in your remodel. If you’re not sure how, ask a professional.

Kitchen remodels need to last a long time, so consider how your life will evolve over time. If you have children, will they still be living at home in 15 years? A wall with chalkboard paint for kids’ masterpieces, menus and lists can easily be painted over when your style has changed from easy-to-clean and child-proof to sleek stainless or French country.

kitchen-islandBut more permanent fixtures and surfaces—countertops, cabinets—must stand the test of time, not only for function but for attractiveness. This is not the place to go retro with a boomerang-patterned red-and-black sparkle counter a la 1960s diner, no matter how fun it seems today – unless of course that is what you really want! Just be aware that come time to sell, it could be a turn-off to an otherwise interested buyer.

Centuries ago, the kitchen was the hub of the home because of the hearth, which provided warmth. More than that, it was the cooking, drying and even bathing area. We don’t bathe in washtubs anymore, but we do practically everything else in today’s larger kitchens. A few examples…

  • Besides cooking and food preparation, there’s food storage
  • Children may do homework there
  • A desk may serve for meal planning, bill-paying
  • You could have a mini office with a computer
  • There could be an adjacent laundry room
  • You may have a collection of cookbooks or glassware to display
  • An island may serve as a buffet table for entertaining
  • The kitchen may be open to adjoining spaces so you can keep an eye on children and guests.

Speaking of guests, because it’s impossible to keep them out of your kitchen, the heart of the home needs to be beautiful enough to show off, but also allow you to entertain the way entertaining-in-kitchenyou want to. One key design element is a clear delineation between guests and host, typically an island or peninsula that can serve as a buffet and/or bar. This way you can engage with your guests while keeping them out of your way.

A kitchen remodel is, of course, a significant investment. It’s important that you design, plan and build a space that serves the needs of your entire household for the life of the kitchen. Once you’ve plotted how it needs to serve your functional needs, it’s easier to choose the layout and design elements to make it a beautifully functional space for years to come.

Engaging an interior designer doesn’t have to feel like a big commitment. We offer what we call a Design Agreement. For a minimal upfront cost, you get to tap into the knowledge, experience, and resources of our team. At the end, you will have a picture of the proposed design and a layout plan to keep. If you see the value in what we offer, we put the cost of the Design Agreement towards your project budget for the build out. It’s that simple—and the results will be simply stunning!

Feel free to call the pros at 3W design at (603) 226-3399 if you have kitchen design questions. It’s why we’re here!

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