Who’s Looking Out for the Outbuildings?

Extending design integrity beyond the main house

Fortunate are those who are welcomed home each day by their own creative ideals. Even more fortunate are those who walk and delight in every square foot of their signature property… beyond the house to go finish a project in the workshop above the detached garage, then over to greenhouse to harvest fresh flowers for tonight’s centerpiece, finally on to check the tidiness of the guest cottage, anticipating friends from another state for a long weekend.

Every room, outbuilding, even storage and utility area on your property can be a beautiful functional space to enjoy. So just imagine. If your home offers a bit of sprawl such as yard acreage and some potentially useful structures, consider where you could go with your creativity and all that you could make of the existing assets on your land. Your design partner will help you make it all happen.

If it’s new, consult the crew!

New construction projects provide the opportunity of a blank canvas. The property owner and designer can draw artistic visions and functionality plans for all landscaping and architecture of the primary and secondary structures. Lifestyle dictates how every space will be used. Personal tastes in style, form and art are infused throughout the construction from end to end of the property.

Clients planning to build new homes are urged to consult early with both architect and space designer. You and your team can discuss how design elements and personal expressions will be extended from the primary residence to outbuildings and all the way out to the edges of the lot.

This old house and everything else…

Purchasing an older property with plans to overlay and build your dream spaces into it is just as fun and exciting as building new. Many people prefer moving into an established property that already speaks to what their ideal home would be. While enjoying the historic legacy of those who came before them, they have the opportunity to make the existing gem sparkle through their own prism.

an example of a small outbuildingBuying old homes with such amenities as barns, workshops, sheds, garage/studios, carriage houses, boat houses and even cottages and bungalows – may appear daunting when the outbuildings have fallen into disrepair from non use and neglect. This is the time to let your designer in on your ideas for utilizing extra built spaces available on your property. He or she can skillfully guide you through feasibility and budget considerations.

Some owners see sprawling old properties as investment opportunities into which they can continually add value. The restoration design and building improvement efforts are a labor of love that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. That’s the key to remember if you’re looking at putting your signature on the whole property as well as the primary living spaces. You can make this a way to expand your personal living footprint and enjoy more of your home’s potential.

Seeing is believing.

outbuildings - Pinboard

Click the image to visit our Pinboard of outbuildings!

Your designer can create beautiful, photographic quality renderings to give you a clear vision of what your outbuildings will look like, whether new or restored. She can work with you to customize the ancillary spaces on your property so they exude the same style, look and feel as the rest of your home. This kind of total design integration is very gratifying to homeowners who value personal expression and thoroughness in that expression.

It’s important your designer has experience in areas of property development extending beyond simply beautifying the home interior. From choosing the materials to overseeing contractors, 3W design minimizes the disruption, miscommunications and budget surprises that usually come with remodeling outbuildings. We provide the creative solutions for ancillary structures to match your taste and functional needs, just like in the rest of your home.

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