Spring Cleaning: Go by the calendar instead of the weather!

Late March is the time to get serious about spring cleaning. Okay, we don’t want to lose a bunch of readers here.  Stick with us!  In New Hampshire, we can’t always tell when spring is here by looking outside – still full snow cover and not a wisp of green anywhere as this blog is being written. And the skiing is still excellent!

When the calendar says it’s spring – on or about March 20th, homeowners who really care about their living spaces will know it’s time to start clearing away the clutter from winter living. Just look at the amazing assortment of boots, shoes, Jackets, sweaters, gloves, hats, scarves and accessories that have overtaken the kitchen door area, breezeway or mudroom!  And do the kids’ school drawings from last Halloween really belong on the fridge as we approach Easter?

Many may think of spring cleaning with negative ideas of dusters, mops, scrubbing brushes, brooms, Windex, paper towels and garbage bags. Well, it all depends on just how bad you let things get, right?  Perhaps you only need to move some things around and simply stay up to speed with normal house cleaning. That’s what effective spring cleaning should be all about. And it can be exciting too!

Yes, spring is a wonderful time of renewal and rebirth in nature and certainly with people too. The dark, cold, long nights of winder are being ushered away by the bright, warm, longer days heading into April and May.  Outdoor living quality keeps getting better and beckons us outside more.

Indoors we want to open up the window treatments to allow more natural light in. It’s nice to use the additional daylight in the late afternoon and early evening hours to enjoy your home with a new sense of seasonal energy. Clear away the clutter of cold weather items and start showing your vernal side on the inside.

Removing all the winter gear you’ll need less of will open up more space to move around. Perhaps there are a lot of books, magazines and DVDs lying around on coffee tables from several months of home media usage. Time to clear that clutter away too!

Fresh cut flowers like daffodils, lilies and tree blossoms can be used to add color and life into rooms.  And yes, sometimes we need to do some heavy lifting like going through the full spring cleaning ritual of dusting, mopping and washing. But it doesn’t have to be that way every springtime. The trick is to stay up with maintaining a clean and orderly home throughout the entire year. This way spring cleaning can be a breezy and fun exercise in making way for warm weather, clearing away the clutter indoors and looking forward to more quality outdoor living.

3W design offers ideas and services to seasonally refresh the look and feel of your home.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about spring and summer space planning (603) 226-3399.

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