What Window Treatments Work Best For Your Windows? Pt. 1 French Doors

When deciding the best treatments for your windows you should consider three important criteria: style, function and type.

Choosing the best treatments for your windows can be as simple as going to your favorite department store and picking out a valance or two panels, but if you truly want to maximize the full potential of a room, you should consider three key components: type, style, and function.  You may have a bedroom that is in full sun in the early morning or a bathroom tub that has large windows overlooking a neighbor’s yard; with either scenario ask yourself three questions:

What type of window do I have? What style treatment fits best with the décor of the space? What function do I need my window treatment to possess?

The first area we will focus on is the type of windows commonly found in homes.  With each window we will provide some beautiful solutions by some top manufacturers in the industry such as Hunter Douglas, Kirsch and Comfortex.

Window Type:

French Doors  

A common misconception is that you HAVE to use vertical blinds to cover French or sliding doors.   Do not fall victim to the vertical blind!  Although Hunter Douglas has done a beautiful job modernizing the average vertical blind and Kirsch has created a product called PanelTrac® shades.  Here are a few more creative solutions to your French doors.

Panels that are hung high above the door frame and out beyond either side of the door, preventing the door catching the fabric, is a great way to add a dramatic look to a wall of French doors.

Wood and Faux wood shutters are an elegant way to dress up your French doors.  Contrast your trim color to add drama or match it perfectly for a more traditional look.

Duette® Architella® honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas creates a clean look for a modern space.  They will provide light control and are energy efficient.  Some great features by Kirsch include, Day/Night increases versatile light control and privacy by combining a Room Darkening and a Light Filtering shade, Top Down/Bottom Up shade, and your standard Bottom Up solution all available with a cordless design.


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