Your Laundry Room: No Longer a Dirty Secret

Shades of Gray


Imagine feeling delighted, excited even, to enter your laundry room! It could happen with a thoughtful, well-planned, redesigned room from 3W Design.

Laundry rooms are often neglected parts of the home. But laundry won’t feel like such a chore if you create a welcoming, efficient, functioning environment. Here are some ideas for “destination” laundry rooms that will leave you feeling anything but wishy-washy about washing day.

Why remodel your laundry area? Maybe your old washer drained all over the floor, leaving pounds of unspun towels sopping wet at the bottom. Your dryer died. If these major appliances are old, they can be a real energy drain. If you’re replacing these appliances for more efficient Energy Star-rated ones, it may be the perfect time to reconfigure your utility room, mud room or laundry closet.

What do you want this space to be? Will it be a multi-purpose room with a sink, counter space, recycling center, mud room for coats and boots, or pet area? Is there room to include a desk for bill paying and/or homework, or for a table to fold out for crafting?

At Home


Is your laundry area in a bathroom, or is there room to incorporate a powder room into or next to the laundry? Flooring should be practical and easy to clean (a laundry area is not the place for carpet) but that doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive and there are lots of nice-looking, durable flooring materials and finishes to choose from.

An ironing board can be folded away in a slotted closet. A seat on a bench above a cubby or bin can be used for pulling boots on and off. Tired of unfolding a drying rack in the middle of the floor? Consider rods for hanging, perhaps above the counter or sink.

Dress it up

For a utility room that looks anything but utilitarian, when it comes to decorating, have fun! Large white or neutral appliances don’t leave a lot of wall space, depending on the size of the room. So you can go a little wild to make a big impact with a beautiful glass tile backsplash or funky wallpaper—whatever makes you smile when you enter. Especially if there are no windows, choose bright colors or classic white with bright accents.

For storage of cleaning supplies, incorporate custom built-in cabinets to complement a contemporary style home, or do open shelves with rustic baskets for a cottage or farmhouse feel. Simple touches can make any space special, like using a single color for all hangers, and coordinating bins for storage and supplies.

Nashville Farmhouse


Hide and seek

If your laundry room is near the main living space, there are other considerations. How quiet and vibration-free are the appliances?

If off the kitchen, in a pantry, or in a mudroom, front-loading machines can be tucked into elegant cabinetry. Consider a pocket door or one with glass panes if in keeping with the house style. Louvred doors can let some of the warm air from the dryer through–but the noise comes with it.

Take things UP a notch 

The days of hauling heavy baskets up and down the stairs from a dark basement are over. For convenience, nothing beats an upstairs laundry space. Since the bulk of the laundry—and the bulkiest laundry—is bed and bath linens and towels, this makes a lot of sense.

Of course, you probably can’t add on upstairs, so where to put it? A linen closet could work, especially if it’s adjacent to upstairs bathrooms and plumbing. You can stack things in your favor by putting a front-loading washer and dryer on top of each other.

Things you’ll need to consider with your design/builder for an upstairs laundry include:

  • Where will the dryer vent?
  • What will the noise level be like? (Select appliances that don’t have a lot of vibration.)
  • Will extra precautions have to be taken due to moisture being produced?
  • How deep are the appliances? Front loaders tend to be deeper than top-loading machines (which may be wider). Don’t forget to account for hoses, faucets and pipes at the rear or on the side.)
  • Is there enough vertical space to consider putting the machines on a pedestal for storage drawers underneath?

Some “destination” laundry rooms even include a dog washing and grooming station. After all, it kind of makes sense to keep those furry coats clean in the same place you wash all of your outer wear.

You still may not want to air your dirty laundry when guests come over…but if you work with a designer like 3W design, you’ll certainly want to show them your beautiful, functional spaces including your very livable laundry room!

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