Design and Remodeling Services

One Company From Start to Finish

We can be with you from the moment you tell us what you want to the final moment when you walk into your beautifully completed space. You’ll begin with our knowledgeable, experienced designers who will interpret your vision and work with you choosing materials, lighting, finishes…up to the drawer pulls. Then, utilizing our team of specialized subcontractors we oversee the project to achieve your time frame, budget and specifications.

A Reciprocal Relationship

We want what you want. Working together—exchanging ideas, looking at alternatives, making changes, choosing appliances/materials—we will arrive at the final design. Good design is collaborative. Design for design’s sake has no business in our firm.

Cost Efficient and Cost Competitive

The perception in the market is that a design firm could be more expensive. Wrong. Not this design firm. We are extremely competitive and may actually save you money in the long run because we purchase directly from manufacturers and distributors to get the best possible prices. When you purchase your products from 3W design, inc. we will not charge a separate design fee for our services.

Eighty percent of our business is from referrals or repeat business, a testament to our customer satisfaction.