For 30 years 3W design, inc. has brought clients’ dreams to life while also taking away the stress and anxiety that working alone may have caused. We listen to your ideas, ask questions, offer choices and ultimately design your new spaces … then we build them!

Agreements and Fees

We offer a phased approach to our services.

Once we have discussed your goals and your project we charge an upfront fee that allows us to design a space just for you.  This involves a few meetings in which we develop preliminary design and layout options, and work with you on your selection of finishes until you are comfortable moving to the next phase.

From there, 3W design inc. will finalize the agreed upon plan and assemble a team of skilled craftsmen to make your design a reality. Work begins and we oversee the entire construction project until the paint has dried and the last knob has been installed.

A few clients want to provide some of the project deliverables themselves and are more comfortable using our expertise as needed.  For those clients we provide services at a predetermined rate, either by project or on an hourly basis. Give us a call, we’re happy to discuss your project!    


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