24 Years and Counting

After twenty-four years in business, it’s hard not to reflect on how far we’ve come.

There has been a lot of ups and downs during our years in business. The country survived three recessions and five presidents. We watched competitors, colleagues and vendors open shop and close their doors. And the steadfast value that has served us through all of it is flexibility.

You may not know it, but the 3W in our name represents the 3Women who made the business a reality back in 1988. The three of us worked for a construction company that actually gave us quite a bit of freedom in the way we did our work and the service we provided to our customers. That meant we gathered knowledge in a wide range of materials, approaches to design and project types and we carried that broad approach into our new business as the construction climate headed for trouble.

Having worked in a construction business gave us a unique perspective on what we needed to provide in order to add value to both the customer and the companies we worked with. We had to offer a service that added value for everyone involved. At that time, construction companies were frustrated with having to go to a variety of different designers to create a building or space their customers were ready to build. And home and business owners had to find a designer and a contractor (who often didn’t work as a team) and sometimes even an additional vendor to supply appliances, cabinets or other materials. With the 3W design, inc. model the construction company only has one place to go and the customer only has one place to go. The end result was a lot more simplicity and project efficiency.

Over the years, we’ve had our Taj Mahals and our learning experiences. One of our favorite projects was for a family that was moving to Bow to get a bit more distance between their young children and their Massachusetts city home. The house they purchased was a startling tribute to it’s 1986 build date, complete with a rose and wedgewood blue kitchen. But despite their short deadline we were able to create a living space that the whole family loved.

But not every project has gone that smoothly. We remind ourselves frequently of one project in Pelham, NH where we spent considerable time with a client designing her dream remodel. We celebrated when we got sign-off on a design and had ordered the materials, but shortly after, we were introduced to her husband. He had a purchasing background and strong opinions about the decisions we thought we had put to bed, so to speak. So we’ve made it our policy to meet both partners before starting designs or ordering materials.

Henniker Street location

our Henniker Street location

There have been some other changes over the years. Of the original “3W,” one moved on to her husband’s business and another retired. It was a bit unsettling when the second partner left, but being your own boss can be liberating. Buying and moving to our new space on Henniker Street really allowed us to spread out and have a place that more accurately reflects our design style and values.

All of these changes and experiences have led us to where we are today. And the flexible, design intelligent, and customer-centric company that we have become is certainly something to be proud of.

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