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A bad design costs more than a great one!

You’ve decided to remodel or add on to your home. Where do you start? Unless you hire a professional design-build team, you may be asking for trouble. Instead of adding value, you could be turning the home into a “white … Continue reading

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Designed for Entertaining in Every Season

Another season of holiday hosting and once again you’re hauling patio chairs and card tables from the basement, scrambling to figure out the timing of multiple dishes in and out of your old oven, and chilling beverages in a cooler … Continue reading

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Make Your Kitchen Work for You – Beautifully!

A kitchen remodeling project can be fun, especially when you work with experienced design/builders. But it’s also daunting: so many details! Before you get to the fun part such as style and décor and choosing new appliances, consider function first. … Continue reading

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2016 Kitchen Trends for “Always in the Kitchen” People

Photo by 3W design, inc. – Browse traditional kitchen ideas   The kitchen is the heart of the home and though trends come and go, some things are timeless: like white appliances, clean, uncluttered lines and clean design. According to … Continue reading

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Top this! Countertops are more than functional surfaces.

Beach Style Kitchen by Concord Interior Designers & Decorators 3W design, inc.   We prepare and serve food on them, eat off them, lean on them, park appliances on them, wash and brush our teeth over them, and use them … Continue reading

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Design Your Kitchen Island Paradise

Dreaming about your own private island? No, not in the Caribbean: in your kitchen! The kitchen island has become a very popular architectural feature that enables more versatile cooking, cleaning, storing, dining and entertaining options. The old kitchen table and … Continue reading

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Kitchen Appliances are Taking Center Stage

Blame Martha Stewart and the chefs-as-celebrities phenomenon. Whatever the reason, gourmet-grade kitchens with technology enabled, super-functional appliances are must-haves for today’s upwardly mobile and affluent homeowners. The kitchen has always been the heart of the home and with today’s open … Continue reading

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Kitchen Ergonomics: Make Cooking a Labor You Love!

It’s no secret we love to work on kitchens. What is it about the kitchen that’s like a magnet to guests? Unless directed to some other room by the host, lots of us would rather stand and hang out in … Continue reading

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Remodeling an Old Home – To preserve and improve

There’s something about old homes – 75, 100, 200 years old that can’t be duplicated in new construction. The settling of the foundation and decades of being lived in leave their indelible beauty marks on the old property. There’s a … Continue reading

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Light Creates Feelings and Mood

Lighting is one of those elements of design for which there aren’t adequate words in the lexicon to describe. The feelings and moods that different sources of light can give a room can only be experienced. For example, variable natural … Continue reading

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