Design Trends for 2019 – Do they fit your style?


Gun-metal gray, smoke, and greige… your time has come—and gone. It’s back to nature with warm and forest greens, live greenery, earth tones, and florals. So go the latest color palette ideas that are trending this year.

Shades of gray are still suitable for sophisticated settings and are go-to neutrals, though cool in feel. But the trend for 2019 is pointing toward warmer, more organic materials and colors, including the new Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral.pantone-color-2019

While the color would not be considered “New England-y,” it certainly throws off a certain vibe.

Spring has already sprung

Floral patterns are again taking center stage in vivid, vibrant hues, whether in wallpaper, upholstery, drapes, area rugs, or to provide a pop of color in an accent piece such as artwork, throw pillows, lamps, or a fringed, puffy ottoman.

Flooring, cabinetry and millwork are lightening up as well, with cherry and mahogany yielding to lighter, blonder woods. Yesterday’s rose gold is taking it up a notch: into copper or brass.

Think this means everything’s going to be fussy and feminine? Not to worry. Bold is also back, from strong, contrasting colors to the most dramatic contrast of all: blocks of black and white.

Oddly, in contrast to the bloom of color and lighter floors and cabinets, something you’ll see more of in fixtures is matte black, as opposed to nickel or pewter. (This goes along with makeup fashion, which is featuring matte lipsticks and shadows.)

The looks and feels

For a serene space, many enjoy the quiet elegance of a white or cream-colored room. But colors and textureseven a monochromatic room can come alive with a variety of textures, and today’s inspiration comes from natural materials such as bamboo, straw, linen, and stone. (Concrete, while not natural per se, has a texture of its own and is being used in unique tables, counters, and plant containers.)

One tactile-rich fabric, velvet, is making a comeback. Considered old-fashioned but also luxurious, velvet is returning in sofas, loveseats and drapes, coming in deep jewel tones and greens from moss to emerald to modern teal.

Will it actually fit in?

Before buying a pricey statement piece, especially in a striking color, work with a trusted designer to avoid making an expensive mistake. It’s easy to fall in love with something in a magazine or showroom, but will it work with other pieces in the room in terms of scale, proportion, color, shape and style?

Those of us old enough to recall avocado refrigerators and mustard stoves may shudder at the thought, but today’s more vibrant palette includes a coral/pumpkin-y or eggplant stove or other appliances. If a “wow” piece like this sounds fun to you, don’t worry, it can hold its own next to the stainless-steel fridge.

In line with the return to nature, indoor plants in groupings are fashionable (and add a little welcome humidity to rooms dried out from central heating in the winter).

If you remember avocado appliances, you may also remember wall murals above the sofa of Japanese cherry blossoms or a strutting peacock. Believe it or not, murals are hot again, but they’re not your grandmother’s mural. For instant drama even in a small space, you can’t beat a dramatic mural. Instead of a scene, one trendy mural features a cross-section of a piece of agate in blue hues.

Sustainability is a big buzz word right now, and bamboo—in everything from fabrics to flooring—is just the ticket. Anyone who’s ever tried to get rid of a bamboo plant in the yard knows how stubborn and what fast growers these reeds are. Bamboo flooring is also lighter colored, in keeping with the trend away from dark woods.

Obviously, you’re not going to redecorate each year according to the latest trend or forecast. But if you’re considering remodeling, adding on to your home, have just bought a house, or maybe just want a fresh new look, you may want to consider design that’s on trend.

Just remember, a fabulous area rug or showpiece can be integrated into whatever else you have, virtually seamlessly, – if you work with a skilled designer/remodeler or builder like 3W design, inc. So happy new year, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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