Get the Extra Space You Need with a Home Addition

There are times when people outgrow their houses – the home they love. Instead of moving into a bigger home, adding an addition is the ideal solution for those who want to stay where home-additionthey are. Perhaps you need more room for the kids or a new career requires a home office. Maybe it’s time for a large master bedroom with your own bathroom.  As long as your land and zoning laws allow for it, a home addition can be very gratifying.

When you’ve decided to add space to your house, figure out the kind of addition that will satisfy your needs. Two major factors to consider are what you want your home family life to be as well as those activities you’d prefer to do at home. Let’s say your favorite family past time is watching movies together. Instead of going out to theatres, a new family room with an entertainment center would make for more comfortable and intimate movie watching.

So how much extra space do you need? That will mostly determine the type of addition that’s right for you. There are basically six kinds of additions from which to choose. You may only need a “bump out” if adding a few extra feet to a room. Maybe you want an extra bedroom or perhaps 2 or 3 rooms are required. In some cases you need to add a second floor or a full 2-story addition.  We’ll take a look at all 6 home addition options.

Just Adding Space to a Room? Consider a “Bump Out.” 

Oftentimes a home remodel project is done to add three, or maybe 4 or 5 extra feet in one direction. A “bump-out” will usually do the trick in this case. If an adjacent room is largebumpOut enough and you’re not using all of its space, you can push through a wall and take space from it. Or, you can go through an exterior wall and add to your home’s footprint. Bump-outs extend walls and add square footage allowing considerable extra space. Maybe you want a bigger kitchen with a new island or a nice new shower in the bathroom. A bump-out can also make a room grander in appearance, adding extra appeal to the home.

One Room Home Additions

The next larger type of addition after a bump-out is adding a single room. A standard sized room is anywhere from 10 x 12 feet – 120 square feet, to a large family room that’s the full depth of your home. It might be 12 x 28 feet – 336 sq ft. You must determine your budget is for a single-room addition. The cost can be calculated by the square foot but make note: bathrooms and kitchens will cost more because of plumbing and other special fixture requirements. The most common single-room home additions are bedrooms, mud rooms and family rooms.

Home Additions with Two Floors

If you need more than one extra room, a two story addition may be your best choice. The common 2-story additions are attached to the existing house and may only require extending hallways to access the new rooms on both floors. Find creative ways to use what you have to begin with such as using passageways to connect new rooms to your existing home. Perhaps a detached, stand-alone structure on your property will offer a unique benefit.  For example, you could add a garage or get access to a beautiful view not visible from your house.

Privacy is another benefit of stand-alone additions. An in-law apartment or perhaps a rental will provide extra income when you don’t need the space for a family member.

Adding a Second Story Can Add Several New Rooms

If you’re on a relatively small lot and need more than two extra rooms, consider a second story addition. Adding a whole second story provides lots of additional spaces. They can be great choices in older neighborhoods where growing families can get lots of new space without having to move out.

You won’t encroach on your yard with a second story addition. You’ll have the same outside space for children to play or perhaps adding a deck.  Gaining the extra space vertically will give you more comfort, function and increased home value as well.

Build an Exterior Structure for More Outdoor Living Space

Porches, decks, covered patios and other exterior structures often aren’t included as part of a home’s square footage. The question becomes, are they actually considered “ additions?”  These additions will generally not be counted as “living area” in a home appraisal so be careful about considering this kind of addition in resale calculations. There is a lot of controversy regarding exterior structures as being counted in the square feet of a home.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular, so don’t be afraid to invest in one. There is a trend toward having large decks and extensive patios with outdoor kitchens which are popular places to relax and entertain in nice weather.  Gladly, that nice weather has finally arrived here in New England!

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7 comments on “Get the Extra Space You Need with a Home Addition

  1. This is the right blog for those who planning a home additions. Here you can get an idea for how to add room, bathroom and other space which you want.

  2. I lived in my current house for over 20 years and yes it is possible that you could outgrow your home. So, I’ve been doing research about it since I have absolutely no idea what to do. Thanks to this blog, I got fresh ideas and what are the do’s and don’ts with what I am planning. More power

  3. Thanks! I’ve been planing to renovate my house and I had no idea how, who to contact and trust. Helpful blog! and indeed very interesting. I hope to read more of your blog. Cheers

  4. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that single room additions can be for bedrooms or a family room. My husband and I moved to this house many years ago, and our family has grown since then, so we’re starting to run out of space. It would be nice to have a big family room, so we’ll definitely look into putting in an addition to make that happen. Thanks for the great post!

  5. That’s good to know that bump outs will let you add square footage and extend the walls of your house to get some more space. I love my house, but it has become a little too small for my family now that I have a toddler and a new baby on the way. We don’t want to move, so we’ll have to do a home addition. Thank you for all of your suggestions.

  6. We love where we live but are running out of room with a growing family. I like that adding extensions can create new rooms while keeping your existing home. This may be the best option for us since we don’t want to move.

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