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Remodeling to Entertain

Christmas and New Year celebrations are being planned in earnest as we write this post. Among your circle of friends, is there a certain person’s home that seems to be the center of Christmas Kitchen Decorsocializing and partying? How about you, do you love playing host/hostess? There may be some unstated reasons why you and your friends gravitate to one person’s home or the other. It probably has something to do with personalities but it may also have a lot to do with that person’s home design. Guests may look forward to spending time in your home, be indifferent to it or even feel uncomfortable there.

Interior design is a huge factor in how comfortable you feel in a given space. It will affect not only your physical comfort but also your mood and emotions. You will either want to want to stay and just hang out or think only of reasons why you need to leave.

If you love to have people over and entertain them, that says a lot about who you are and what makes you happy. So what about your home? Does it reflect the hospitable entertainer in you by its design?

“They just won’t leave the kitchen…”

If you’re among the proactively hospitable crowd, you’ll probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen and so will your guests. Everyone loves a nice kitchen so let’s start there. Since no Kitchen center islandone ever stays in the living room during parties these days, the kitchen needs to be beautiful enough to show off and also have some key design elements that keep the guests coming back. One of these is a clear delineation between guests and their host. Usually this is an island or peninsula where you can put food and beverages when they are ready to be served. This allows the host to engage with guests while keeping them out of her way.

When remodeling your kitchen, you need to consider the size and shape of the area first. This sets the constraints of what you can do. Starting with a basic blueprint, you’ll need to work out elements like cabinets & pantry areas, work space, where appliances will sit, island, bar space, wine racks and access to dining areas. All this is where you can be really creative. Next you can fill in such finer details as countertop materials, colors, woods and stains, door Center Island with sinkand drawer styles, hardware styles & metal finishes, wall and backsplash materials, sink and faucet types and appliance makes & models. Sound like fun?  It sure is for us!

If you have your kitchen built and ready for entertaining, here’s an article with some tips to spice up the party and create nice experiences for your guests. Click here.

When (and if) your guests are ready to move into the living room or family room, it really comes down to seating areas and spatial orientation. Chairs, couches and tables need to be arranged for ease of conversation. When it comes to remodeling great rooms, living rooms and entertainment centers for entertaining, there’s a whole new article to be written about that. While we’ve written about some of the elements in previous posts, stay tuned in to our blog for more design and remodeling ideas for entertaining off the kitchen grid…

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