Is Your Pet All Set?

Space Design for Furry Family Members 

Responsible pet owners care for the specialized needs and comfort of their animal(s).  We love our pets! They provide us eager companionship and unconditional love even on the worst of days. Don’t they really deserve the same space considerations as other family members?

Some people offer their pets the run of the house. Furry companions are welcomed on the furniture and some even have “big bed” privileges. Many other people reserve the finer living spaces in their homes for only the bipedal among us.

Designing pet friendly spaces in your home might be easier than you think. Look around your house and imagine how you might convert a cabinet, large drawer, even an old gutted out television into that special private place for Fido or Tabby. Ever seen a cat hammock using the legs under a large chair or table? There are space saving and creative ways to convert otherwise unused 3 dimensional airspace into cool, comfortable places for your pets to sleep or just hang out.

If you’re a multiple pet owner, creating beautifully functional spaces for the people and pets to live together in harmony is a really fun thing to consider doing for your home. Let’s face it, our pets are part of the family and each has its unique personality. Allow that personality to be expressed when designing your pet friendly areas. Your pet will tend to take better to it when you include some of its favorite things in building or fabricating the space. Rugs, pillows, chew toys… any items your pet loves can be comforting and inviting elements within their new home space.

There are just so many interesting ideas worth sharing that we thought we’d offer a few on this post. A picture is worth a thousand words so please check out the little gallery we created below. We also found a companion post about solving pet space problems. Check out these examples on Houzz.









The 3W design Team has lots of ideas for homeowners with pets. We can find creative ways to make the most of your home, including for the pets in your life. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about creating beautifully functional spaces. (603) 226-3399.

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