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You only have to think about your reaction to daylight time changes in the fall and spring to realize how important light is to our mood and feelings. Aesthetics enhance our daily experience of life and sometimes, all you need to do is adjust a switch to change the look and feel of a room as home lighting options are blazing new design trails.

LED Technology Now Mainstream

Back in 2014 we wrote about how technology advances, especially in the area of LED (light emitting diode) lighting, room illuminating options were truly innovative. And now, today’s LED lights are extremely versatile and used everywhere. With this advanced technology, you can cover a wide range of color temperatures and fit just about any fixture in your home or office. LED lighting is highly adaptable and lets you create light in your space designs – virtually anywhere!

Do you want outdoor flood lights for your driveway? There are LED PAR lamps that can have motion sensors added. What about the chandelier in your entryway? LED Decos will fit and match the décor. Even holiday lighting can become brighter, more colorful and more efficient with LED string lighting.

Rather than just being functional sources of illumination, the newest lighting fixtures are taking some of the design spotlight. With the wide variety of overhead and recessed lighting fixtures to choose from, you could say things are looking up in terms of lighting trends.

More than Illumination

led-823383_1280Most overhead lights serve as general or ambient lighting as their purpose is to illuminate a room. But the standard, nondescript round white or frosted globes placed dead-center of the ceiling are a long way from today’s striking assortment.

From modern sphere and bubbles to sparkling glass dripping with crystal beads, loops and teardrop prisms, chandeliers are statement pieces. They add drama and draw the eyes up, visually lengthening the room from floor to ceiling.

Not just for dining rooms anymore

Chandeliers are taking center stage in bedrooms and even bathrooms. Besides glamour and bling with dangling crystals, there are round baubles, discs, tubes, and a variety of metals.

Gold, copper, brass, nickel, and medieval iron and bronze arms can feature candlelight bulbs, or choose a funky bohemian style draped in colorful beads. Then there are farmhouse woods or rustic antlers –  whatever the decor, you can customize for the room.

Recess Success

Want overall illumination that doesn’t draw attention to itself and fades into the background? Consider recessed lighting but work with a design professional to get the right fixtures, level of illumination, and placement. Otherwise, you could end up with concentrated beams of light that leave your family room or with something like a distracting lightshow. This is one of those things only the pros tend to know about. And if you want directional lighting, read on.

Proper Spotlighting

There is a purpose for directional or positional lighting, which focuses illumination where you want it, as opposed to general diffuse room lighting. This includes track lighting for highlighting a wall of fame, artwork or built-ins. Sconces add atmosphere and are mounted on the wall, typically in pairs on either side of a painting, mirror or statement piece of furniture.

However, a new technique called “wall washing,” also mounted on walls floods the wall with light from the side, sometimes from behind a panel or architectural detail. This is becoming more popular because the most flattering light on faces comes from the side. Think of it as “up-lighting” from mid wall instead of on the floor. It adds an artistic, moody touch. (Some torchieres can mimic this effect, depending on their height.)

More Bright Ideas

Other accessory-style lighting includes task lighting; reading lamps such as adjustable goose necks or the classic green-shaded banker’s desk lamp. Under-cabinet kitchen lighting is another type. Even more specific are the thin horizontal tube-like bulbs designed to spotlight a painting, and there are picture frames with built-in illumination.

To boost the amount of light—artificial or natural—in a room without using electricity, use strategically placed mirrors to reflect all sources of light. Other energy-efficient ways to make the most of longer daylight hours in season are replacing heavy drapes with sheers for more sunlight while maintaining privacy.

The designers at 3W design know there’s more to lighting than meets the eye.  So, whether you go modern, formal or funky, we’ll help you personalize your home and express your style in lights!

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