Need a Home Office? Make Space in an Unexpected Place.


More employees are working remotely these days, which means they need a functional home office that blends into their existing interior design. Sometimes a spare bedroom can be used. More likely, it requires reimagining the current floor plan.

Start with a space assessment. How much space is needed for technology equipment, supplies and storage? Once that information has been gathered, walk through each room with an open mind. What rooms are underutilized? What furniture can be moved or discarded in those rooms to obtain the necessary space? What rooms can be reassigned to a new function?

No time like the present to break with the floor plan traditions of yesteryear. Unless a home was built with a designated home office, the time may be right to let go of outdated usage patterns and go for something new and different.

Here are some suggested areas to readapt:

Pantry – It already has shelving and a door. Transfer food to the kitchen. Remove some of the shelving and slip the workstation in there. Arrange your work space and its ready to go.

Closets – A closet of sufficient depth can provide ample room for a quiet office nook. Attach magazine racks to the wall or slide in a small file cabinet on the floor to hold paperwork.

Staircase – Unused area under the staircase provides extra space when looked at from a new angle. Use the wall space to display small works of art for inspiration.

Living Room – Sofa and chairs can be at one end of the room. The desk, computer and files can be at the far end. Divide up the space with a painted screen or curtain to provide privacy.

Dining Room – Is the kitchen large enough to take on the dining room’s functions? If it is, consider reassigning the formal room’s use for a home office/library combination. Or consider building a mobile office table on wheels that can be rolled out for the few times corner-space-officethe room is used for formal dining.

Corners – Unused corners make great places to insert triangular or upright workstations with shelving above. Hanging plants may give it a separated, outdoorsy feel.

Lofts – Many homes have second-floor lofts or balconies that provide cozy spaces for an office. If there are windows, you’ll have an office with a view!

Dormers  – The tiny areas under dormers have long been used as seating areas to read. Reorient the seating and voilà, an office space with plenty of natural light!

We hope that you’ve found our suggestions helpful for discovering the right spot for your home office. If you have any other ideas to share, we’d love to hear about them. Need more design or remodeling ideas for your home office? 3W design is here to help at (603) 226-3399.

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2 comments on “Need a Home Office? Make Space in an Unexpected Place.

  1. This is so cool! Our company have homebased employees from all around the world and we can definitely suggest this to them so they don’t lose motivation or get tired of work 🙂 Personally I think the pantry office is superb.

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