Quick Fixes: from Dents in your Floors to Livening Up your Cabinets

Let’s face it, we all enjoy the feeling of accomplishing a “Do It Yourself” project! Although you should contact a professional remodeling company for bigger projects such as replacing kitchen cabinets or redoing your master bathroom, there are some tips we can give you to fix the small projects that have been bugging you for years!

Dents in Your Bamboo Floors
Bamboo is soft wood so it is easy to acquire dents and nicks over the years especially if you have a high traffic household!

  1. Clean the area around the dent in your bamboo floor using a product that is recommended for bamboo floors.
  2. Set a damp cloth over the dent
  3. Wait about 10 minutes, allowing the wood to absorb the moisture
  4. Place your preheated iron above the dent WITHOUT touching the floor for about five minutes
  5. Remove the iron and cloth, and allow the wood to dry 24 hours. The dent will continue to fill in and should be less noticeable within two hours.
  6. Cover the repaired area with finish, feathering the unrepaired area.

Painting Cabinet Door Hardware

One of the easiest and low cost ways to modernize your kitchen is to paint your hardware on your cabinets. If you are living in a home built 10 years ago or more you most likely have brass hardware on your cabinets. The newest trends in cabinet hardware is nickel or stainless steel, these metals are more expensive so a great way to liven up your hard ware is to paint them! What you will need is a screwdriver, nickel metallic spray paint and a drop cloth!

  1. Using a screwdriver remove the cabinet doors. Once the doors are removed, remove the hinges and handles from the cabinets.
  2. Thoroughly clean both the hinges and handles and place in a row on your drop cloth.
  3. Make sure you are in a well ventilated area of your garage, basement or outdoors and paint your hinges and handles.
  4. Once they have dried completely touch up any missed spots
  5. Again once your handles and hinges have dried completely reattach the hinges to the cabinets and the handles to the doors
  6. Attach the cabinet doors to the cabinets

Now that we have given you a couple quick fixes, you must have your work cut out for you this weekend! Of course if you are looking to replace your cabinets or your floors call us for help!

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