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Beyond Rooms – Creating Unique Architectural Spaces

Think of those places in your home, and the homes of others, that you admire most. What features grab your attention and make you want to spend time in that space? Sometimes our favorite spaces are those unique areas in … Continue reading

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Decks, Patios & Porches – Life is better outdoors!

The glorious New England summer has arrived as the smells of flowers, fresh cut grass and… barbecue fill the air.  This is the season to get out and stay out as much as you can to enjoy a more active … Continue reading

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Creating Déjà vu: Renderings so real you will have already been there!

It has been said there is a first and second creation of everything. First comes an idea; a picture in the mind’s eye. Then comes the physical creation; the implementation of the idea, the material building of the creation. In … Continue reading

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The Home Entertainment Center is Everywhere!

If your favorite symphony is reverberating through every room and nobody’s home to hear it, is it entertainment? Maybe!  Perhaps you’re entertained by the ability to control every electronic function in your home from a smart phone or tablet, anywhere … Continue reading

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Thinking of a Bathroom Remodel? Think it through, before you commit!

Is your bathroom 15 or 20 years old? How about your personal computer? These two questions may seem incongruous but there is an analogy here. The PC of today is a worldwide communication, entertainment, publishing, broadcasting and business enterprise machine … Continue reading

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…The (Outdoor) Living is Easy

Okay, it’s not quite “Summertime…” yet, but think of those seasonal days in New England when staying inside is like being imprisoned. The air outside is perfect; the sun is bright, the birds are singing and delicious scents ride the … Continue reading

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Where in the home do you gravitate and why?

What is your absolute favorite room in the house? In what rooms do you want to spend most of your time when you’re home? For many it’s the kitchen, in part because that’s where the food is and where we … Continue reading

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When Little is Lovely

More beauty, comfort and satisfaction in less space. There is a time when simplifying your life makes a lot of sense.  Appreciation for what’s really important in life changes for most people over time.  Space needs are reduced as the … Continue reading

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Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the 3W Blog! Here we will discuss some of the latest trends in design and remodeling while hopefully answering your questions! We chose to start a blog to give you advice and talk about new and exciting developments … Continue reading

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