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Dream. Then design your vacation home!

Dreaming about buying or building a vacation home? There’s a lot to dream about – and think about! Lakeside, mountainside, or both? Seashore cottage or log cabin lodge? Sunrise or sunset? Rustic or luxurious? These are just for starters. Whether … Continue reading

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Uniquely Inspired Holiday Decorating

Are you like many of us who, when decorating our home for the holidays, goes into the closet or attic to pull out the old Christmas decorations and dust them off for another season’s use? At holiday time, does your … Continue reading

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How about we go to your house?

Remodeling to Entertain Christmas and New Year celebrations are being planned in earnest as we write this post. Among your circle of friends, is there a certain person’s home that seems to be the center of socializing and partying? How … Continue reading

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Holiday Season in New Hampshire – a State of Mind

By Cheryl Tufts Don’t we New Englanders live here for a reason? Even among the New England states, there is no place like New Hampshire. Nowhere else in the world are the change of seasons more dramatic than in our … Continue reading

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Furniture by Design

Do you want new furniture or beautiful, comfortable spaces? Furniture shopping can be a fun and exciting experience. We believe that furnishing a home beautifully is an art that requires some foresight, like that which a good architect brings to … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning: Go by the calendar instead of the weather!

Late March is the time to get serious about spring cleaning. Okay, we don’t want to lose a bunch of readers here.  Stick with us!  In New Hampshire, we can’t always tell when spring is here by looking outside – … Continue reading

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Where in the home do you gravitate and why?

What is your absolute favorite room in the house? In what rooms do you want to spend most of your time when you’re home? For many it’s the kitchen, in part because that’s where the food is and where we … Continue reading

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Who’s Looking Out for the Outbuildings?

Extending design integrity beyond the main house Fortunate are those who are welcomed home each day by their own creative ideals. Even more fortunate are those who walk and delight in every square foot of their signature property… beyond the … Continue reading

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