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Storage Ideas to Hide or Show Off Your Stuff

A little creativity goes very far in storage space design. You can go from cluttered to cool in no time! Using space effectively is as much art as it is science. Space planning isn’t only about floor plans and ergonomics. … Continue reading

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Setting the Mood and Tone with Windows

Imagine if the rooms in your home had no windows. Not a very comforting image is it? Windows are fundamentally critical elements of designing interior spaces because they are gates to the natural light or darkness of the world outside. … Continue reading

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The Cost-Value Relationship of Remodeling Budgets

Considering a home addition or remodeling project? Naturally, the average costs of home remodeling and additions differ from region to region. www.remodeling.hw.net  offers a good breakdown of data for nine different parts of the country, covering 81 cities. The 2014 … Continue reading

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Light Creates Feelings and Mood

Lighting is one of those elements of design for which there aren’t adequate words in the lexicon to describe. The feelings and moods that different sources of light can give a room can only be experienced. For example, variable natural … Continue reading

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How about we go to your house?

Remodeling to Entertain Christmas and New Year celebrations are being planned in earnest as we write this post. Among your circle of friends, is there a certain person’s home that seems to be the center of socializing and partying? How … Continue reading

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Furniture by Design

Do you want new furniture or beautiful, comfortable spaces? Furniture shopping can be a fun and exciting experience. We believe that furnishing a home beautifully is an art that requires some foresight, like that which a good architect brings to … Continue reading

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From Downright Scary to Cozy & Comfortable

Is your basement calling you to remodel it? Basement remodeling is an opportunity to increase living space. From an in-law apartment to a stocked bar and entertainment center, an office or workshop, your unfinished basement is waiting for you to … Continue reading

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Creating Déjà vu: Renderings so real you will have already been there!

It has been said there is a first and second creation of everything. First comes an idea; a picture in the mind’s eye. Then comes the physical creation; the implementation of the idea, the material building of the creation. In … Continue reading

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The Home Entertainment Center is Everywhere!

If your favorite symphony is reverberating through every room and nobody’s home to hear it, is it entertainment? Maybe!  Perhaps you’re entertained by the ability to control every electronic function in your home from a smart phone or tablet, anywhere … Continue reading

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Thinking of a Bathroom Remodel? Think it through, before you commit!

Is your bathroom 15 or 20 years old? How about your personal computer? These two questions may seem incongruous but there is an analogy here. The PC of today is a worldwide communication, entertainment, publishing, broadcasting and business enterprise machine … Continue reading

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