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2016 Kitchen Trends for “Always in the Kitchen” People

Photo by 3W design, inc. – Browse traditional kitchen ideas   The kitchen is the heart of the home and though trends come and go, some things are timeless: like white appliances, clean, uncluttered lines and clean design. According to … Continue reading

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Kitchen Ergonomics: Make Cooking a Labor You Love!

It’s no secret we love to work on kitchens. What is it about the kitchen that’s like a magnet to guests? Unless directed to some other room by the host, lots of us would rather stand and hang out in … Continue reading

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Light Creates Feelings and Mood

Lighting is one of those elements of design for which there aren’t adequate words in the lexicon to describe. The feelings and moods that different sources of light can give a room can only be experienced. For example, variable natural … Continue reading

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How about we go to your house?

Remodeling to Entertain Christmas and New Year celebrations are being planned in earnest as we write this post. Among your circle of friends, is there a certain person’s home that seems to be the center of socializing and partying? How … Continue reading

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Creating Déjà vu: Renderings so real you will have already been there!

It has been said there is a first and second creation of everything. First comes an idea; a picture in the mind’s eye. Then comes the physical creation; the implementation of the idea, the material building of the creation. In … Continue reading

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Where in the home do you gravitate and why?

What is your absolute favorite room in the house? In what rooms do you want to spend most of your time when you’re home? For many it’s the kitchen, in part because that’s where the food is and where we … Continue reading

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How To Live Through a Remodel

You are about to embark on a journey into remodeling a major area of your home.  The contractors are coming next week and you ask yourself, “How am I going to survive?” Dan’s Funk Chart was created by Dan Bawden, … Continue reading

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