The Home Entertainment Center is Everywhere!

universal wireless remoteIf your favorite symphony is reverberating through every room and nobody’s home to hear it, is it entertainment? Maybe!  Perhaps you’re entertained by the ability to control every electronic function in your home from a smart phone or tablet, anywhere in the world!  Now you can have everything on and ready for you, including your favorite song, as you arrive home from any destination. You can even make potential burglars think you’re home when you’re away. The technology is here!

Home theatre and amazing high fidelity sound systems are nothing new. Take vinyl records. They actually provide a fuller spectrum of sound than mp3 digital recordings, and they have been successfully reintroduced as mainstream music media for the audiophile community.  Believe it or not, turntable sales have made a comeback!  Since the 1970s, home audio quality has been excellent. Some of us may still have Kenwood, Pioneer, Marantz or Technics stereo equipment and speakers that still sound as good as today’s better audio systems. Okay, this is getting a little nostalgic.

Video, of course, has improved dramatically from cumbersome, boxy, big pixel CRT screens to sleek high definition flat screen displays. Now we have stunning theater quality video to opulent home entgo with excellent sound systems, and these screens can easily fit into walls and even be hidden by retractable artwork.

One of the really big differences in home entertainment today is integration.  Complete architectural and electronic integration of audio visual systems in every room is quite common in upscale new construction designs.  Houses can be “wired” and systems can be built in from the ground up or the inside out.

Retrofitting home entertainment and electronics into any home – old or new – is a job only for professionals. When ceilings and walls need to be breached, consulting with an interior designer prior to calling a home entertainment installer is critical if you want to assure the integrity of your home’s aesthetic features. Moreover, a skilled designer will endeavor to enhance the beauty and functionality of your spaces as added benefits of a home entertainment system installation.

The ability to control your home’s systems from a single remote or smart phone – from entertainment to security to climate control and lighting – is here. These systems can be pricey but the opportunities for making home life easier and more enjoyable, not to mention impressing visitors, are endless.

speaker installationYou may want to begin with one room and look at modular home entertainment systems that don’t require a remodeling or installation contractor. A designer can help you choose the right off-the-shelf products and plan your entertainment space optimally. Or, when you’re ready to go for a full scale architectural integration of home entertainment and technology, a designer with experience in home theatre and electronic installations will make sure your project fit perfectly into your beautifully functional spaces.

3W design offers expert consultation as well as full design and remodeling services for built in home entertainment systems. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about creating beautiful and experiential entertainment centers. (603) 226-3399.

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