The Home Office

A perk or an inconvenience?

With the advent of new technology, it has become more and more convenient for employees to telecommute. But coming with this new “freedom” (waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee and walking to your desk in slippers), is the stress of finding a conducive work environment, also known as the “home office”.

Not everyone has the luxury of having an extra room in their house that can be solely called, the office, so we have to get creative. Our motto at 3W design inc. is “creating beautifully functional spaces” when doing a remodel we not only create something that is pleasing to the eye but is practical and suits our client’s needs.

Guest Room/Office

Unless you are running a Bed and Breakfast out of your home, it’s likely that your guest room is not utilized much. To make this space functional for working out of and for guests, by a desk that closes so you can hide your work chaos when guests arrive. If your desk looks like a normal piece of furniture such as a hutch, as far as your guests know it could be hiding your extra bedding.


The Chief Household Officers out there know that having your home office in the kitchen is a lifesaver! The kitchen is the central hub of your domain so doesn’t it make sense that your office would be in that room? You can easily transition from making the grocery list and weekly menu to planning April vacation activities. We aren’t just suggesting you plop your laptop at your kitchen table, over the past couple of years we have built desks into a portion of your kitchen counter or cabinetry. Making your space easily transitional from work to “play”.

Newest Trend/Office in a Closet

Do you have that closet you just have no idea what to do with? Time to get rid of the clothes you are never going to wear again and turn the closet into your office! This can easily be done with some creative ingenuity.  Bright colors, shelving, pocket folders, a couple file cabinets and a lamp or two, can change a closet into a home office your friends and family will envy.

At the end of the work day simply close the closet doors and then you are home, sweet, home!

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