…The (Outdoor) Living is Easy

Okay, it’s not quite “Summertime…” yet, but think of those seasonal days in New England when staying inside is like being imprisoned. The air outside is perfect; the sun is bright, the birds are singing and delicious scents ride the breezes. To be shut in from all of this is to stop really living.

A classic snowy New Hampshire winter has yielded finally to spring. April is bit of a teaser month because on a calm sunny day, you’re convinced the summer season is upon us. Just wait a minute for those clouds to roll in and the winds to pick up. You’ll feel Old Man Winter’s chill grip trying to hold on. By May the cold grip yields and we’re in for a 3 – 4 month stretch of nice days in our beautiful corner of the world. April & May is the time to plan earnestly for your outdoor living season.

What about a second kitchen – outdoors? How about significantly expanding the seasonal living space at your home to add a more enriching dimension to your lifestyle? Our friends in the building and remodeling trades continue to delight us with creative and beautiful options for adding outdoor living spaces. Viking and other appliance manufacturers have come out with amazing weatherproof outdoor ranges and complete cooking environments for outdoorsy foodies. It seems like there are a lot of us out here as sales of these products are brisk.

Outdoor furniture options grow year after year with more durable, comfortable and beautiful choices available. Manufacturers such as Homecrest, Brookbend and Brown Jordan have continually improved the engineering behind making elegant, comfortable furniture that stands up to the elements. Designing furniture to be resistant to water, wind, sun and temperature extremes while maintaining its comfort, good looks and functionality has always been a challenge. Now there are lots of great products on the market that last – even in our extreme New England weather!

Let’s face it, more time spent outdoors is healthier and it doesn’t always need to be in sunny weather. With a roof overhead to keep the water off, rainy days outside can be really delightful. With the pitter patter sounds of rain falling while you stay dry and comfortable in the fresh air, outdoor living is a seasonal lifestyle rather than a daily choice based on the weather. It’s all in how you design your outdoor living space to suit your activities and preferences. The whole idea behind building outdoor living space is having more space to live and taking more advantage of what your whole property offers.

More Life in the Open Air

Do you ever find yourself at home wanting to step outside and enjoy the fresh air but there’s nowhere on the property you would feel comfortable just sitting and relaxing? Well, look around and start imagining what that vacant yard of yours could be – your own beautiful little oasis! Or maybe your existing deck and patio could be transformed into a 3 season kitchen dining area.

With some masonry and gardening work, you can begin to expand your outdoor living footprint significantly. Going further, you and your designer can create a whole new living experience by functionally utilizing more of the available space outside the walls on your property.

The design team at 3W design, inc. is always brimming with ideas for homeowners to improve their spaces, and their lifestyles. It only takes a decision and some commitment to transform your home’s outdoor spaces into your own private resort. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about outdoor living space options. (603) 226-3399.

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  1. It’s amazing how few people consider extending their inside space into the outside! It looks like you have really considered it in depth and that lots of people have responded positively, and greatly benefited from, this creative extension.

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