When Little is Lovely

More beauty, comfort and satisfaction in less space.

There is a time when simplifying your life makes a lot of sense.  Appreciation for what’s really important in life changes for most people over time.  Space needs are reduced as the kids grow up and move out. Priorities shift from having enough room for the whole family and all the stuff to making more efficient use of available space, time and resources. A large home requires more energy to light and heat, more time to care for and more money to maintain. Designing the ideal down-sized home is a wonderful experience for homeowners who’ve decided they just don’t need all that extra space anymore to live comfortably.

There are good reasons to consider how large a living footprint we actually need – in order to be comfortable and best express our tastes and uniqueness. The green building movement has influenced architects and design-build construction firms to offer smaller home choices to environmentally conscious homeowners – even those who can afford a more expansive living space.

a beautifully functional small home

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Another reason to downsize the home is to simplify and make upkeep and maintenance easier. Empty nesters, for example, find no reason to continue heating, even passively, three unused bedrooms.  That cavernous great room that once allowed for family indoor fun and entertainment is passed by for the coziness of the library or a smaller living room.

Designing your home’s interior to fit your tastes and express your style is scalable to size by a skilled designer. Whether it’s building out a large addition or trading your 6-bedroom manse for a smaller, more practical home, your designer’s goal should be to make you feel right at home in your new space. Homeowners who once enjoyed the luxury of spreading out and splurging on living space are today finding more satisfaction in living more practically and consuming fewer resources while preserving or even enhancing comfort in smaller custom and semi custom homes.

A prominent New England architectural firm, TMS Architects, specializing in one to 10 million-dollar, one of a kind, custom homes recently unveiled a line of semi-custom home designs in partnership with a green builder. They are called evo Homes. The design offerings came in response to clients repeatedly showing interest in reducing their environmental footprint while keeping their living spaces beautiful, functional and luxurious. Associate architect Shannon Alther offers his experience.  “Costs are being discussed more. Homeowners are showing concern for the long term costs of their buildings in addition to construction… Room size can make a very significant difference… Technology is more of a factor today in designing smart homes. People like the security and comfort controlling their building systems remotely by smart phones, for example.  You can to do a lot more in less space today.”

Your designer can help you with all kinds of creative ideas for downsizing your living situation and make you happier than ever with your home’s spaces. Whether storage systems or the latest technology in building and mechanical systems, the opportunities to shed large expensive houses for beautiful, practical, smaller homes is exciting with today’s smart building choices. 3W design inc. stays current on all of the new and exciting ways to do more with less in space design.  Contact us to find out how we can make a beautiful, functional and minimal space in your home.

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